Sunday, September 20, 2009

Obama Throws Black Governor Under The Bus

Gov. David Paterson of New York, legally blind and one of only 2 Black governors in the nation, has received a "request" from Barack Obama to "step-aside" in the 2010 election, clearing the way for most likely to run Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo, a white Democrat.

Since Paterson assumed office, "his popularity has plummeted, and the state's economic situation deteriorated, with job losses mounting and the unemployment rate rising to the highest in 26 years."

Perhaps Obama could also request the Democratic governors of Oregon and Washington to "step aside" too.

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Paterson has suggested that criticism against him was racially motivated. I imagine he never suspected it would come at him from the White House.

Paterson in effect says nuts to Obama


Angie Lee said...

Fascinating, considering the half-baked POS we have governing here in Michigan. Not only has he not asked her to step down, I seem to recall him appointing her to some advisory panel....

Maybe because he knows Michigan's future is "secure" with Detroit bought and paid for.

LewWaters said...

Angie, I don't recall ever hearing of any president "requesting" a sitting governor to step aside like this before.

He ran on his race to get into office and now betrays that very race to consolidate political power.

The more I hear coming out of this character the more I see D-I-C-T-A-T-O-R!

Or at least in his mind.

Angie Lee said...

I year ya, Lew, on all counts. Barry seems to have difficulty grasping the concept of state sovereignty and the fact that we are a UNION of individual states intended to maintain a high level of autonomy. This action would be like the Council of the EU asking the leader of one of its member states to step aside.

He would never ask this of Granholm (thank God, we have term limits and her ass is out of here - not soon enough - but she still has time to destroy what is left of our economy) because she is Detroit's own bought corruptician... just imagine the riots ripping through what remains of that once-great city. The power of Detroit trumps that of the entirety of the rest of the state; Detroit can just about single-handedly control election of the governor and a vast portion of the state legislature AND secure Democrats the Electoral College votes of the whole of the state. Barry will do nothing OVERT to undermine Detroit, so he goes in the back door, bringing down two of the Big Three and creating MORE dependency on the federal government within that focus of power.

A while back, I was attacked on my blog by an O-bot for saying this O-hole would turn his back on black America and worrying he would set race relations back decades. Since he has taken office, we've seen it with our own eyes: The DC school voucher program, payments to black farmers, the crushing unemployment in Detroit, a primarily black city, thanks to his "restructuring" of the auto industry; he seems to be escalating the hits. A few months back, I also predicted DC would be taken down, likely led by black America, who will take the worst of the screwing we are headed for. I stand by that statement. Glenn Beck thinks Barry is racist against whites, but I think he is racist against ALL of us, regardless of color; as I once wrote in my post "The New Racism," race is no longer dependent upon the amount of melanin in your skin but how many dollars are in your pocket.

Sunlight and transparency are not his friends, no matter how vehemently he claims his intent to expose his administration to We The People, and people are waking up.... and they are getting pissed.