Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh How We Need Duncan Hunter Today

Some of you may recall of long shot candidate for president in the 2008 election, Duncan Hunter and how he could never garner the support of Huckabee, Romney or McCain. Many really liked his positions and strong conservative principles, but just wouldn’t get behind a long shot candidate.

We ended up with super moderate McCain and in the election, had our clocks cleaned by Democrats playing the race card resulting in the apologizer in chief we now have, Barack Obama.

Hunter retired from the House and his son ran for his seat and won, holding it today.

Both father and son are Veterans, the older of Viet Nam and the younger of the War on Terror in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

As I pointed out in August 2007, Hunter was The Most Consistent Candidate in the running, but remained ignored by too many.

To me, Hunter was The Right Man For The Right Reasons, but he remained largely ignored by the media, who we all know do not care for conservative values or taking a strong stance on protecting America and those waiting for a resurrection of Ronald Reagan.

As is said, we get the government we deserve and boy, did we get it this time.

No real sense in “I told you so’s,” as Hunter has retired and it is unknown whether he will return to politics or not.

He has not being totally silent, though, as can be seen in a short paper he authored, Substituting Hope for a Policy pointing out weakness in Obama’s foreign policies that will not bode well for America, just as Jimmy Carter’s decimation of America hurt us and in large part propelled Ronald Reagan into the presidency, even though he was not as popular as he was to become at the time.

As can be seen in the above linked post, we need Hunter back in politics at some level. We need his strength, his level-headedness and yes, his Patriotism and belief in a strong America to counter little tin horn despots, as was seen just today by the rambling speech at the United Nations by Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi immediately after yet another apologetic diatribe by Barack Obama.

It is unknown if Hunter will ever seek high office again and personally, I doubt he will, what with the treatment he received from so many voters in 2008. But, we sure could use his strong voice and steady hand in the cabinet of who will be the replacement for Obama in 2012 as Secretary of Defense.

For one, I would like to hear him speaking out like Sarah Palin did in Hong Kong, shooting straight from her hip and speaking of real hope, not fabricated socialism masked as hope.

To this end, some of us Hunter supporters have proposed setting up occasional tele-conferences with him to “pick his brain on the hot topics of the day.”

Bloggers taking part in the calls could then spread out the message of hope in America and give conservatives strong ideas and let them know all is not lost.

Positive comments to show Duncan would be beneficial to let him know there are still strong Americans who stand for freedom and liberty and traditional American values of working hard to succeed instead of waiting on a government handout.

We hope to begin these calls within a couple weeks and blogging on them.

Many who wouldn’t support Hunter said he had strong conservative values and even went so far as to say his ideas for America were the best. Now is the time to show everyone that we do appreciate Hunter’s Patriotism and even though not in the White House, his is a strong voice America needs to hear.

To Duncan, should you read this, Welcome Home, Brother.


Unknown said...

Well stated. Duncan was and is a glimmer of light in a dark world. Duncan is to honest, has to much integrity, has the moral upbringing that this country was founded on to be President. Although, that is exactly what America needs NOW!

It is really sad that America, in general, has left what made her strong. To be sold a bill of goods by the liberal media, if it is moral, decent, honest, and respectable we are just pushing our values on other people and we ostracized for it. Duncan would have made a great president when values and morals meant something. The United States of America are slowly eroding to the Divided States of America as the media continues to spew their agenda of “SELF”.

God and yes I said GOD is still in control and can make or break any nation. That is I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

LewWaters said...

Republicans cried for a new Ronald Reagan over the past elections. They ignored they had the chance to support someone even better.