Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pelosi Chokes Up, But Misses The Real Violence Threat

Nancy out does herself with this little tear studded stunt, warning that conservative protestors and others who oppose their socialist agenda with the TEA parties and marches on Washington D.C. may be inciting violence.

If you have seen or heard her blubbering yet, it is up at Real Clear Politics, Pelosi Chokes Up Warning Against Political "Violence"

What she is invoking is the 1978 murders of San Francisco city supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone by another city supervisor, Dan White.

The murder had nothing to do with conservative or liberal politics, but over White wanting to regain the supervisor job he had earlier resigned. White turned himself in, faced trial pleading diminished capacity and was convicted, receiving a short sentence.

The fact of Harvey Milk being the first openly Gay elected official is what propelled the murder into national headlines.

And somehow, this murder makes Pelosi think, or at least claim, we conservatives are ready for a physical uprising? I’ve heard no call for arming ourselves or shooting liberal politicians from any radio host and wouldn’t listen if one did.

I haven’t heard any such call from speakers at TEA parties either and again, would leave if I did.

What I do hear is a call to revolt, to take our country back and to remove incumbent politicians, but at the ballot box, not physically.

Then again, perhaps it escaped the Speakerette that the march in D.C. September 12 by conservatives and others opposed to the Obama agenda had no arrests or disturbances, unlike left-winged protests and marches against Republican officials in the past.

But, Pelosi seems to think violence is a possible outcome. Maybe she feels that way thinking of events in her state and elsewhere prior to the Harvey Milk murder.

After all, Obama has a long standing relationship with former domestic terrorist, turned college professor, Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, both members of the notorious Weather Ground that was active in bombings, robberies and murder of a Police Officer in the 1970’s.

There is also the association of the group with the Black Liberation Army, who also engaged in domestic terrorism at the time, including murder of Police Officers. In 1972 alone, the FBI says 1,500 bombings happened within the United States due to “civil unrest” from domestic terrorist groups.

There also was the Symbionese Liberation Army, and today we still have violent acts coming from left-winged animal rights group and even rabid environmentalists.

Pelosi sees no problem with them, though.

The violent uprisings of the 1970’s failed though and those who weren’t killed, still in prison or disillusioned with groups, changed their tactics of revolution, opting to infiltrate and takeover the Democrat Party, gain teaching jobs in schools and political office.

The goal of taking over America to instill their vision of socialism didn’t change, just their method of achieving that goal.

Community agitation became their tactic as did indoctrination of children into left-winged thinking, being taught guilt for being born white or that their country was bad, not a beacon of hope.

Straight out of the book by Saul Alinsky, “Rules For Radicals,” we saw the demonization of traditional America and those who love it. We saw heavy demonization of conservative officials and candidates and ridiculing of those who wish to keep their hard earned paychecks to raise their families.

No, Pelosi isn’t worried about violence from us, she sees their socialist dream slipping away as more and more Americans wake up to what is happening to our freedom and liberties.

But, in their tired old tactic, she warns of violence from us, knowing full well it has been left-winged groups more responsible for violence.

What is her goal with this crying?

I don’t know. Perhaps a lead in to stifle free speech in questioning the Democrats and impose the ‘fairness doctrine?’ Martial Law? Incite left-winged violence to counter us and then blame us?

Whatever it is just remember, she turns a blind eye to the violence perpetrated by her side during the period she wants you to think an openly Gay man was murdered over conservative politics.

She is desperate and playing every card she can.

Don’t fall for it.


Unknown said...

Don't forget the Weather Underground was responsible for the '80 or '81 Armored Car / bank robbery when Obama was 20 years old, not 8 as he has tried to claim when the WU was last active.
Dorn worked at the library Obama frequented.Just off campus. All lived with in a few blocks, or miles of Columbia U., Library, and the bank.
Ayers and Dorn have raised the son of the two members convicted and jailed for this robbery and killing of these guards and police as well I believe. These three have been known to participate in rallies with Chavez.

LewWaters said...

Obama and his people used his age at the time of the WU bombings and such a smoke screen, a diversion. No one ever claimed Obama was involved in the activity, but that he associated with people who were members of such a group and it was they who launched his political career.

And apprently, San Fran Nan has no problem with their activity as she doesn't recall that left-winged radical groups actions to tear up, just a single murder case.

And again, it is just another smoke screen to launch into more restrictions on our liberties.