Monday, September 21, 2009

Rev. Perryman: Enough With The Racism Charges


Angie Lee said...

Powerful statement, for sure.

Angie Lee said...
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Ron Russell said...

These new racism charges are coming from all over and seen to concentrate on anyone who disagrees with Obama. The old meaning of racism is gone and the new Obama version is emerging and I plead guilty and will proudly wear that new "racism badge of courage".

LewWaters said...

Oddly enough, Ron, have you noticed that leftist opposition to Black conservatives isn't racism?

Nor is Black opposition to White candidates.

Playing the race card is why we have such an inept buffoon sitting in the oval office today.

Angie, you're right. Perryman accomplished his task without the usual screaming and pounding or even "god damning" we saw with Reverend Wright.

But notice, he isn't "racist."