Friday, September 11, 2009

What is great about America?

As we commemorate and recall the horrific attacks we saw on September 11, 2001, we see our country deeply divided, many of our own citizens seemingly feeling we are a terrible nation, some saying we actually deserved what happened to us that day.

I disagree and have made my own short list of why I feel our country is great, not greater than, but great nonetheless.

My list isn't intended to slight or minimize any from other countries, several of you are great in my book too. This is but my own feelings on why I love and appreciate my own country.

Feel free to list your own reasons as you see fit.

What is great about America?

America is the grandest experiment in freedom man has ever seen.

We have fought for freedom and liberties only dreamed of before us.

We correct mistakes that deny those liberties and freedoms to others.

We don’t hide our problems, we wash them in public.

We don’t shirk from helping out others, we are often the first to offer a helping hand, even to enemies.

America gave its citizens and others outside our country unprecedented access to gains in medicine, wealth building and technology.

People don’t risk their lives escaping America to seek a life elsewhere, they risk their lives to come here.

We don’t claim perfection or a long distinguished history, we strive for betterment of all freedom seekers as more of our people shed their blood and sacrifice their lives for others than nations who our ancestors came from.

We don’t punish those who speak against us within our own country, but allow them the freedom to speak their mind.

We are labeled arrogant, but we do not seek expansion of our territory and do not seize other countries we defeat. We return them to their citizens to set up their own peaceful governments.

It is truly a privilege to have been born in this great country and to have had the chance to defend her.

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