Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Microsoft Donates $100,000 To Support Washington State Gays

It was announced today that Computer Software giant Microsoft Corporation has donated $100,000 to the campaign advocating approval of R-71, which will grant more benefits for Washington state gay couples under SB 5688, the so called “everything but marriage bill” passed earlier this year by the legislature.

Although called “everything but marriage,” sponsors of the bill openly admit it but an incremental step towards full-blown same sex marriage within Washington State.

A citizen’s referendum, R-71 obtained enough signatures on petitions to place SB 5688 on the November ballot, placing the matter in the hands of voters, angering Gays throughout Washington.

Microsoft’s donation against the citizens of Washington gives the pro-gay group calling themselves Washington Families Standing Together some $780,000 to support campaigning to vote for same-sex marriage one step at a time.

How much money has flooded into Washington from outside the state coffers is unknown at this time.

Protect Marriage Washington; the group opposing this one step at a time move into same-sex marriage reportedly has only raised some $60,000.

Clark County resident Chuck Miller says,

“The citizens of Washington passed into law the Defense of Marriage Act. The Democrat controlled legislature has continued to chip away at it with the goal of over riding the will of the people. They passed SB 5688, which Gregoire signed. This bill takes a huge leap toward their final goal, redefining and destroying marriage! Against great odds, Washington citizens, lead by Faith and Freedom and Protect Marriage Washington collected the required signatures to put it to a vote of the people. Citizens were dispatched to oversee the counting and too be certain that Secretary of State Sam Reed be faithful in his duty to apply the strict letter of the law in counting the ballots. Opponents of traditional marriage filed two lawsuits to try and stop it from even making the ballot. Both failed.”

“Webster’s dictionary defines marriage as ‘the institution whereby men and woman are joined in a special kind of social and legal dependence for the purpose of founding and maintaining a family’.”

“California voters said NO to the destruction of traditional marriage. Washington voters can save marriage by voting NO on Referendum 71 in November.”

It is disappointing to see Redmond based Microsoft turn their backs on the majority of citizens of Washington who depend on their products for computers in favor a small minority of those who feel they are entitled to special rights.

As disappointing was seeing Washington States Attorney General, Rob McKenna, file suit against “a federal judge’s ruling that granted an injunction to keep the names of people who signed a petition to put Referendum 71 on the ballot private.”

As shown at Traditional Marriage Foes Try To Intimidate Washington Voters, gays demanded the names so they could place them on a searchable web site to make their names and addresses known and that some gays have openly threatened violence against those who oppose same-sex marriage.

This move cost McKenna the support of this blogger should he try to run for governor in the future, as well as his ‘pro-choice’ position on abortions. This was the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back.’

With Microsoft’s support, the pro-gay groups hell-bent on doing away with the traditional views of marriage now have a massive treasure chest to mount a propaganda campaign in favor of “everything but marriage.”

Do not let them fool you when they come out saying it isn’t same-sex marriage. The author of SB 5688, Seattle Democrat Senator Ed Murray, who also authored the 2007 domestic partnership law, has openly admitted this is but incremental step of A Long-Term Strategy To Legalize Gay Marriage.

Vote NO on R-71

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