Saturday, October 03, 2009

What About Jobs Obama? Unblock The Jobs!

Now that our new illustrious leader has returned from failing in Copenhagen, isn’t it about time he got down to tacks and did something worthwhile, like unblock job creation America?

With unemployment nearly double digits, his promises since acquiring office continue to fall short. In fact, all they seem to do is fall, all around us.

The massive porkulus package did not create jobs nor did the overly expensive cash for clunkers. So far about all we have seen is handful of government jobs filled with the private sector expected to keep ponying up with more taxes to cover every social program this mob in Washington D.C. can dream of.

MSNBC and the AP are telling us, Obama: Jobs linked to health care reform with Obama saying he is “exploring additional options to promote job creation.”

His “options?”

· extending enhanced unemployment-insurance benefits beyond Dec. 31, when they are set to expire;
· extending a tax credit for laid-off workers who buy health insurance through the COBRA program. That program allows workers to keep their company's health insurance plan for 18 months after they leave their job, if they pay the premiums;
· and extending a tax credit for first-time home buyers. This credit also is set to expire soon.

I see no job creation in that and wonder how an unemployed worker would be able to even buy a home for the first time to take advantage of a first time homebuyer tax credit.

Obama claims his
“proposed health care overhaul would create jobs by making small business startups more affordable.”

With the boondoggles being discussed in Obamacare, with the very real possibility of facing stiff fines and possibly jail for not purchasing insurance, the only jobs I see would be for corrections officers to guard citizens.

Face it; health insurance cost is not stopping jobs from being created.

There is one area of our economy that has consistently offered thousands of jobs and remains blocked by Obama and the Democrats, energy exploration and drilling.

Massachusetts lanky egotistical senator John ‘F’in Kerry (who served in Viet Nam) has co-authored such a blocking and disastrous bill with California’s aging senator Barbara Boxer Of this latest effort at destroying the America we know and love, sKerry says,
“In this time of economic challenge, we have a unique opportunity to put Americans back to work and take charge of our security, our energy future and the fate of our planet.”

He also says,
“This bill takes a more comprehensive approach to the fundamental problems created by climate change and dwindling oil reserves than previous legislative measures.”

“Dwindling oil reserves?” With millions of acres of land known to hold oil in Alaska and off shore?

Jack Gerard, president of the American Petroleum Institute has issued a statement in essence blowing the lid off of Kerry’s canard.

He says,
“If the Kerry-Boxer approach mimics the House bill, as early indications suggest, it will undermine our energy security by making American consumers more reliant on foreign sources of refined products, kill jobs and increase fuel costs,”
“The 9.2 million workers supported by the oil and natural gas industry have a hard time understanding how America’s economy will be better by threatening or eliminating their jobs and the jobs of those who depend on the energy they produce. And with America depending on fossil fuels for a substantial portion of its energy, many American consumers will wonder why their elected leaders in Washington are supporting policies that will likely raise energy costs and constrict supplies without delivering a realistic and measurable benefit to the environment.”

Those are real jobs he’s talking about, not makeshift jobs to make a politician look important to the community.

It also cannot be overlooked that there will be jobs created indirectly in support of those jobs, home creation, suppliers, mechanics maintaining vehicles and equipment, clothing suppliers, restaurants, you name it, the list goes on forever and is how America built her wealth and security over the decades.

All the Democrats are offering is more government dependency with less private sector jobs to pay taxes into the treasury to pay wages for those on government dependency.

It is self-defeating.

As Jane Van Ryan points out on the Energy Tomorrow blogsite, we need to Stop Delaying and Drill Now.

She tells us,
“the 30-year old ban on offshore drilling along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts expired, opening the opportunity for the United States to drill for more of its own oil and natural gas. What has happened since then to make America more energy self-sufficient? NOTHING!

And she’s right; we have sat back and watched as we drifted more and more into dependency on foreign oil sources, mostly from those who harbor ill will against us.

We’ve heard empty promises over and over and nothing changes.

Auto manufacturers have designed and built more efficient cars, but we have hardly any domestic sources for fueling them. We get pie in the sky promises of “alternative fuels,” often times sources that these politicians themselves block for construction in their back yards, as we saw just a few years ago with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. blocking wind farm construction in Nantucket Sound, joined by his infamous and recently deceased uncle, Ted Kennedy.

I might also add that the area of that proposed wind farm is a popular playground for Senator Kerry, mentioned above who would drive up our energy costs.

Alaska governor Sean Parnell disputes Kerry and letting us know,
“Alaska's OCS contains an estimated 27 billion barrels of recoverable oil and 130 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas. That's more than twice the amount of oil that has been produced on Alaska's North Slope since the Trans Alaska Pipeline System went online in 1977.”

These are real jobs, real security, and real energy sources, not down the road some day promises of hope.

We have ample sources of fuel currently to carry us over the years remaining to perfect a true alternative source that is cost effective. We have jobs waiting for hundreds of thousands of American workers.

But, we also have Barack Obama and his Democratic Party cartel standing in the way of a true recovery that will keep America free and prosperous.

“Drill Here, Drill Now” is not just a slogan; it is the way our freedom and prosperity will be maintained.

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