Thursday, July 15, 2010

Washington State Congressional Candidate Jaime Herrera Says, “Trust Me”

Jaime Herrera, the Republican establishment backed candidate for Washington State 3rd Congressional District, has put together her first ever TV Ad.

Jaime Herrera for Congress TV Ad -- "Trust" from Herrera Campaign on Vimeo.

A very nicely created ad that paints her in a very positive light. However, even though she says “Put trust in people,” it is common knowledge that such ads are designed to enlist trust in her in order that voters will send her back to Washington D.C., where she spent many years before returning to gain the 18th legislative district seat she will now be vacating.

Trust is a very fragile thing and hard to gain. It is something that must be earned, regardless of who desires it and the main way someone earns it is to be up front and honest with people, especially voters. Has Jaime been being honest with us? You should judge for yourself.

Jaime has been under fire for some time for her co-sponsorship and voting on HB 1329, a bill that many say would have forced childcare centers into a public union. Jaime maintains, “The bill I supported is not compulsory. It doesn’t violate my own standards.”

Yet, when the bill was being actively debated, we find;

January 29, 2010, the Seattle Times wrote, “The Seattle Times Editorial Board opposes House Bill 1329, a project of the Service Employees International Union to organize owners of child-care centers under labor law.”

“THE House of Representatives in Olympia has passed a bill that could force the owners of child-care centers into being represented by a union. This is an improper application of labor law.”

Also on January 29, 2010, KOMO News wrote, “Some daycare owners are claiming the unionization of the industry would jeopardize the quality of care given to the state's children.”

“The criticism comes as some state lawmakers are pushing the plan to bring unions to daycare.”

“Candi Doran owns the Little Orca Learning Center in Mukilteo, and she's quick with her opinion about joining a union.”

"I will not be forced into paying people I do not believe present quality to the public," she said.

“Doran has owned the daycare for 18 years, and resents the Service Employees International Union and its attempt to force daycares to join and pay dues.”

Much earlier, April 9, 2009, The Tacoma News Tribune wrote, “But the fundamental problem with HB 1329 is that it amounts to a political payoff to an especially aggressive union. The actual welfare of the children involved is a secondary consideration.”

January 27, 2010, the Everett Herald said, “This measure, House Bill 1329, stirred much controversy in 2009. It passed the House but died after the majority there rejected changes made by the Senate.”

“House Democrats expect the outcome will be different this time because they are apparently willing to accept revisions pushed by senators a year ago.”

“One of those would drop the bill’s requirement for collective bargaining at small centers where aid is received for one or more children. The Senate wants participation to be voluntary.” Showing that when first co-sponsored by and voted on by Herrera, it indeed would have made joining the public union compulsory.

On February 4, 2010, the Yakima Herald wrote against HB 1329, saying, “Of course, it's important to note the biggest beneficiary of the unionizing efforts. Surprise -- it's the Service Employees International Union. As an added bonus in the House measure, union dues would be automatically deducted from the state's payment to the center. How convenient.”

“Large child-care systems that have 10 or more centers would be exempt, along with national nonprofits, such as YMCAs. Centers run by Native American tribes are also excluded.”

February 8, 2010, the Family Policy Institute of Washington released a post claiming, “In 2007, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) approached child care centers (not home day care centers) in Washington about joining the union. After learning that the union would not disclose how much membership was going to cost or specify the benefits that the centers would receive, they declined.”

They also wrote, “What resulted was House Bill 1329, which has already passed the House of Representatives and has moved to the Senate for consideration. Although unclear, it appears that this bill would compel all child care centers to become part of a union if one person from 30% of the centers says they want to join. Therefore, if there were 100 centers with 5,000 employees, 30 signatures (one from 30 different centers) could compel all 5,000 employees to become union members.”

Jaime has also repeatedly said that her sponsorship and votes for HB 1329 were “the result of concerns voiced by members of the day care industry in her district.”

However, looking through the House Bill Report we find that those speaking in support of it before Commerce and Labor were Kim Cook, Megan Price, and Barbara Tristan, Service Employees International Union; Lucinda Young, Washington Education Association and American Federation of Teachers; Diane Gaile, Mariah Collaborative Arts Center and Washington Educators for Early Learning; Molly Boyajian, League of Education Voters; and Kim Gilligan, Washington Educators for Early Learning.

Opposed were Tom Emery, Love and Laughter Learning Center; Ginger Still, Kid’s World Childcare; Candi Doran, Little Orca Learning Center; Colleen Hill, Country Kids Playhouse; Kim Pressell, Middleland Kiddie Korral; and Margo Logan, Washington Parents for Safe Child Care.

In testimony before the House Ways & Means Committee, those testifying in support were Adair Dammonn, Service Employees International Union 925; and Lucinda Young, Washington Education Association.

Those opposed were David Foster, Washington Child Care United; Tom Emery, Washington Child Care Alliance; and Amy Bell, YMCA of Washington.

Yet, Herrera’s campaign manager, Casey Bowman sent out a memo emphasizing that support of the bill “was at the request of the small business owners of day care centers.”

Jaime now says she is “right of center,” and that “she’ll cast votes for the benefit of her district first and with her political party second.” However, she indicated that her vote for HB 1329 was an “outlier vote,” meaning something she doesn’t usually do.

Who she was placing first in her support and votes for HB 1329 remains a mystery as testimony shows the childcare centers were opposed to the bill.

Equally troubling is that she said to the Columbian’s Kathie Durbin, “Not once have you heard me criticize Brian Baird’s performance in Southwest Washington,” but in forum after forum, she readily stood up and criticized the very Republican Party she hopes to vote her into the office being vacated by Democrat Brian Baird.

In the video Jaime claims she will stand for “fiscal sanity.” But, during the special session held by the legislature this year, she abandoned the Republican Party once again and joined the tax and spend Democrats in Olympia in raiding the last $229,000,000.00 from our Rainy Day Fund. On this vote, she says, “In my mind, it was raise taxes or take money from the rainy day fund. And I’ll choose taking money from the fund over taxes every time.”

We still ended up with historic tax increases and additional taxes AFTER raiding the Rainy Day Fund and now we are facing another $3 Billion budget shortfall, with no buffer in the Rainy Day Fund to help. Win or lose, Jaime won’t be there to haggle over the next slate of tax increases Olympia will try to shove down our throats.

Trust is a very fragile and precious thing to ask for and must be earned. We place our trust in honest people.

It doesn’t look like Jaime Herrera has been being very honest with us.

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