Monday, December 13, 2010

How To Tell You're Shopping in Texas

Supreme Court Justice Breyer would never find Texas acceptable, not after he decided to rewrite history in favor of gun control nuts.


Hot Sam said...

Breyer should know that 50 million gun owners in the US did NOT commit a violent crime today.

Even if his contention that the Second Amendment didn't mean exactly what it said, we've still got the Ninth Amendment making it crystal clear that all our rights were not enumerated.

Law abiding citizens have the right to protect themselves against any threat that is reasonably foreseeable. No, I don't need a nuclear weapon to defend myself against Russia. No, I don't need a Stinger missile to guard against Neo-Nazi zeppelins.

But I certainly might need a concealed handgun to protect myself from some meth-addicted, homeless scumbags while taking an evening stroll in Portland.

I certainly might need a 10-round shotgun or a 30-round AR-15 to defend my Arizona ranch against drug runners.

Breyer is like every other activist leftist judge. They begin with their pre-conceived conclusion and parse the law to justify their decision.

LewWaters said...

It's difficult to think that someone intelligent enough to go through law school, practice law and eventually become a justice on the highest court in the land can be so damned stupid.

It is pure revisionist history to claim the founders would have restricted gun in the hands of law-abiding citizens when so many of them openly advocated common citizens holding on to their guns.

Muskets were the equivalent back then of many of our personal guns today.

Clearly they understood the importance of an armed citizenry, as do many who would deny us that right today.

Disarm us and we are at their mercy.

I have to believe if the founders were revisit anything in the constitution it would be the lifetime appointment of Supreme Court Justices.