Saturday, January 08, 2011

As Expected, Liberal Trolls Begin Blaming With No Evidence

As expected and all too often seen, today's tragic murder of 6 people, including a federal Judge and a 9 year-old child, believed to be targeting Democrat congresswoman Gabrielle Gibbons of Arizona's 8th district has liberals frothing at the mouth in blaming others with no evidence whatsoever.

It has become common place in America's politically charged partisanship that liberal Democrats are never to blame for anything and talk radio, Fox News and conservatives in general are the reason for all that is wrong. That it is not true is of no relevance to the leftist in our midst, only promoting their agenda du jour.

Today's alleged shooter, 22 year-old Jared Lee Loughner was quickly identified not only as the shooter by witnesses, but immediately news sites reporting the Arizona atrocity began seeing comments left placing blame on the backs of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Conservatives, Talk Radio and whoever they could blame, so long as they never have to look at their own hatemongering rhetoric.

Unfortunately for the leftists, they are once again left looking like total fools as all indications point to Loughner being a liberal psychotic and unhinged. If anything, he really has no political affiliation, evidenced by incomprehensible ramblings left posted on websites and videos.

Is Daily Kos Involved In Arizona Murders?

Truth has no place in the agenda driven left, though. All that matters is furthering the destruction of the very freedoms they flaunt.

Actual evidence has been sketchy all day, at one point congresswoman Gibbons being reported as deceased when she was actually undergoing surgery and in critical condition.

Much to the chagrin of the left I'm sure, early reports of the shooter being a recent Afghanistan War Veteran proved false as the Army confirmed they had rejected him for military service.

Not a single one of the usual slate of targets has expressed anything but concern over the tragic events of the day, but does the left care about that? No, they do not care about accuracy, just agenda.

Soon, the leftist trolls will slink away again, ignoring their false allegations and just waiting for another chance to repeat it, all the while ignoring their own culpability in the extreme hatred and dividing of America.

If there is anything more pathetic on the face of the earth than a left-winged troll, I don't what it could be.

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