Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just Because the World Did Not End, It’s Not the End of the World

No doubt, a few people woke up feeling dejected and dismayed, realizing that predictions of gloom and doom and the world coming to an end made by 89 year-old preacher, Harold Camping did not happen. Why anybody took it serious escapes me as anybody with an even rudimentary knowledge of the Bible and Christianity knows that it says no one knows when that will happen, not even Jesus, only God.

Throughout the years there have been literally hundreds, if not more, end time predictions made and if you are reading this, none of them came true. To me, it shows that there are some, declaring themselves devout Christians, who end up, unwittingly, placing more faith in the words of a fellow man and not God’s word.

But, my intent here is not to point out shortcomings in people’s faith or the Church. Someone’s religious beliefs are very personal and even if they are what I would describe as “fringe,” they are their beliefs. What does bear pointing out is the reaction of some non-believers, atheists on the left, human secularists or whatever you wish to call them. Knowing full well that the majority of believers did not fall for Camping’s nonsense, this is ignored so they can take a slap at all Christians.

As I suspected was going to happen, John Laird of the Columbian, even toned down from his more usual ‘I hate any and everything Republican’ rhetoric, made his Sunday column about the latest end of the world failure with his column, How did Judgment Day go for you?

Taking some rightful slaps towards Camping, John can’t resist telling us, “Camping is not the first preacher with whom I’ve disagreed. Having warbled unappreciated in choir lofts of three denominations over four decades, I’ve heard plenty of eyebrow-raising prognoses emanating from pulpits…”

Of course, he doesn’t consider heard plenty of eyebrow-raising prognoses emanating from the editorial pages of the Columbian under his name, or the years of fearmongering and class divisions emanating from the Democratic Party either. Or, all of the dire results so far of that “hopey changey thing” from those he embraces and places his faith in, left-wing politicians sitting on their asses back in Washington D.C. and Olympia, Washington.

After whining about preachers ignoring “solid science,” where many secularists place faith today, also ignoring how often that “solid science” is updated, he shows a glint of the old John we all have come to expect when he writes, “Oh, I know, there had been some scientific evidence that geotectonic vibrations had intensified in recent weeks, but I dispatched my investigative aides to look into this, and they discovered the truth. It was just the seismic impact of Kirstie Alley on ‘Dancing With the Stars’.”

Now, what is the need to take a derogatory slap towards film actress, Kirstie Alley? Or, is he substituting his hatred towards Republican with slaps towards those he feels weigh too much? Why didn’t he make that slap towards to rather robust posterior of Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle? Oh, sorry, that’s right, I forgot. “Thou shalt not ridicule Democrats or especially, Barack or Michelle Obama.” That’s “racist!”

Also ignored in this “end of the world” scenario is how many times over the past decades have we heard similar tales of doom and gloom if we don’t give up our lifestyles and do as the leftists and global warming kooks tell us we must?

The left demands we conform to their beliefs, stop driving, roast in the summer, freeze in the winter, stay in the dark or buy $50 light bulbs that they say are better and if we don’t, do they not cry how we are bringing the world to an end?

From false predictions of global cooling in the 1970’s to the cries of destroying the planet from manmade warming causing hundreds of catastrophic hurricanes, that never happened, increased tornadoes or what have you, has not the secularists and leftists amongst us depended on what they label as “solid science” to force us to change our lifestyle to their liking?

The Bible tells believers, “faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1)

What does that “solid science” the secularists place their faith in offer?

Enslavement and higher and higher taxes is all I can see as well as a lowering of the lifestyle our forefathers fought for us to have.

No doubt the succeeding days will see more and more condemnation of Christians by the likes of the John Lairds of the country who promote their leftism as “solid science” all MUST follow and believe in.

It will die down and they can return to their normal hate everybody, miserable selves with nothing to lean on but false cries of doom and gloom if people exercise freedom and choice on their own accord.

They’ll create a mountain out of a molehill of so few people actually believing in Camping’s prediction for the time being.

The world not ending is not the end of the world for them, though. They’ll always have some finger-pointing and blaming of others for their own shortcomings to give.

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