Sunday, August 21, 2011

More Liberal Democrat Double Standard

Now that rebels in Libya are close to overthrowing Qadhafi, the following photo has shown up.

First off, can any liberal explain what is wrong with a little physical work? Has Obama ever actually performed any physical work? I doubt it, not with the soft hands I see on TV.

Secondly, just what did Obama do but begin a third war, bypass congress, essentially giving them his middle finger by telling them he did not need their input to send our Jets in to bomb and strafe Libyan forces? Why did we even go to Libya?

They have been no threat to the U.S. I wouldn't call them a friend either, but what was so important to Obama to overthrow a dictator in Libya, but oppose overthrowing a dictator in Iraq?

Yes, remember Iraq? President Bush gave Saddam Hussein some 6 months in his "rush to war" to leave before commencing the attack and has been soundly trashed for it ever since doing so.

Obama has made no case for attacking Libya and no one is questioning his decision to lead NATO forces in deposing a sovereign head of state, as he and his fellow Democrats did with George W. Bush.

Obama never served a day in the Military, but receives credit for great Military leadership?

But, the biggest problem I have with this, why praise Obama for doing what they condemned Bush for doing?

Gotta love Liberal Democrats and their continuing double standards. Praise Obama for doing exactly what they protested Bush for doing.


Hot Sam said...

In Libya as with bin Laden, of all the heads, hearts, and hands that played a role, Obama contributed the slightest.

LewWaters said...

Anybody can sign their name and then head off to the golf course.

He didn't have mass public outrage, demonstrations, threats of impeachment, cries from so called "international courts" and an entire party trying to undermine his decision.

But, in typical fashion, he grabs all of the glory for himself.

Latest I read tonight, it isn't over and Ghadafi isn't gone. And, as I said elsewhere, Growing up in South Florida, I recall back in 1959 when Fidel Castro successfully overthrew then President (Dictator) of Cuba, Fulgencio Batista. The media was jubilant and praised Castro, for a few days until he came out and said he was a staunch communist. The rest is history.

We saw it again in Iran when Carter pressured the Shah to relinquish power and encouraged his Generals not to fight. The Shah fled, the Generals were all executed. The rest is history there too.

The same with Egypt and Mubarak and their history is currently being written.

Let's hope Libya fairs much better than did Cuba, Iran or Egypt today.