Sunday, September 11, 2011

Islamofascists Disrupt London 9/11 Ceremony

As the 10th anniversary of the horrific terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 draws to a close, it is distressing to see that radical Islamofascists in London took the opportunity of the day to disrupt a ceremony held outside the U.S. Embassy in honor of the British citizens murdered that day.

The radicals burned an American Flag, chanted anti-American slogans; spoke their messages of hate through megaphones all while brandishing signs condemning Christians and America, vowing “Islam will dominate the World.”

As seen towards the end of the video, London Police disbanded a group from the English Defence League who had gathered to counter the Islamofascists. Police moved them to “avoid an incident.”

It should also be noted that a smaller group of Muslims also was present to counter the radical Islamofascists. One moderate Muslim, Abdul Sallam is quoted saying,
“I’m a Muslim. What they’re doing is bringing shame on all Muslims. This is not part of the teachings of Islam. Islam teaches you that when you see anything bad or evil, you should speak out against it. If the moderate Muslims all came out and spoke out, that would defeat them. I am proud to be British. I love my country. All these people are doing is breaking Britain apart.”

I applaud the stand and the words, but I also wonder why even he calls on moderate Muslims to take a stand against Islamofascists, who we are told misuse the writings of the Qur’an and so few join him in taking a stand.

Radical Islamofascists are growing bolder in Europe, even as we see more calls for accommodation of Islam in America. Will we soon see radical Islamofascists protesting in America?

Words spoken at the ceremony by Britain’s Prince Charles instill no confidence in me. He stated,
“I find there are many of us who are not only tired of perpetual killing maiming and senseless terrorism that blights the human family but bewildered by it too, simply because our instinct tells us that seeking revenge actually does not achieve peace in the end.”

“It is surely only by avoiding vengefulness that we can rebuild what has been lost and save it from being lost again.”

“I recall that president Abraham Lincoln once spoke very powerfully of having wasted valuable hours imagining revenge or confusion. He spoke of the practical importance of a forgiving spirit, to dissipate anger and resentment. I cannot help feeling he was right.”

That “forgiving spirit,” first seen by former President Jimmy Carter in regards to the Iranian Hostage Crisis during his term has seen terrorist attacks growing in intensity since that time. From 63 killed in a car bomb attack in Beirut in 1983, 241 Marines killed in a truck bomb on the Marine Barracks in Beirut also in 1983, the PanAm 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland killing all on board, the first bombing attempt on the World Trade Center, the attacks on our embassies in Nairobi, the USS Cole attack and the 9/11 attacks are just a few examples of radical Islamofascists hatred of the west and their intent to subdue western culture are what that “forgiving spirit” has wrought us.

There is no forgiveness for those who teach their children that killing innocent people who practice a different religion by suicide gains Gods favor. Islam itself should not show any forgiveness for those hiding in their midst preaching such hatred of others.

We can fight wars, kill terrorists, and show Muslims that we do not dishonor their beliefs, but it has to be Muslims themselves who take a stand against these radical Islamofascists.

As Abdul Sallam said in London, “If the moderate Muslims all came out and spoke out, that would defeat them.”

Those words must be spoken loudly inside every Mosque if we are to accept Muslims do not agree with these radical Islamofascists. It is the silence from the Muslim community that leads others to believe they agree.

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