Monday, December 12, 2011

Democrats Shameless Support of the Occu-Twits

For a group that continues to claim no leadership and being non-partisan, it is obvious that partisanship is what fuels the mobs.

If you believe this is a newly formed mob, you're wrong.

March 2007, Portland, Oregon

Summer 1968

Those claiming they are only trying to protect America and the American worker are really misleading the public. This movement is about bringing about the collapse of America as we have long known it. What made America great is repulsive to them.

Don't fall for their lies of fighting to improve anything.

Similar groups in the waning days of World War One did the same and many fell for their rhetoric, ushering in decades of oppression in the former Soviet Union.

Shame on any Democrats who stand with these people.

Tip of the hat to Campaign to Defeat Obama

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