Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Facebook Pulls Heterosexual Appreciation Page

Facebook is likely the premier social networking site, having grown immensely since it was first brought online years ago. Millions of people have joined and promoted several causes, many quite controversial and of questionable taste, without even a bat of the eyelids from facebook.

Some have been very objectionable such as a page labeled “Ann Romney’s Magical Mormon Cunt” depicting Mrs. Romney with vampire fangs.

Complaints on that offensive page received a reply from facebook of, “we were not able to confirm that the specific page you reported violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

You judge if the page would be considered objectionable to you in the screenshot below.

That particular page is now gone, presumably because the election is over and whoever set it up took it down. But there are others people find objectionable like, Wolf Butchering, Cooking and Recipes seen by many as an animal abuse page.

Facebook sat idle while two men shared child porn on their pages.

There have been pages demeaning our Troops and Veterans that facebook let stand.

So why would they find a page promoting heterosexuality objectionable and pull it down?

A few months ago a page was created called Heterosexual Awareness Month that stood for heterosexuality and approached the subject with humorous cartoons and images. It did not bash homosexuals, but said there was nothing wrong with being heterosexual, since we are male and female for a reason in nature.

As we all know, agenda driven homosexual activists despise heterosexuality and want their lifestyle promoted over any other, even though they cannot reproduce amongst themselves. They cry hate and homophobia any time someone speaks up in appreciation of heterosexuality, even though those people never say anything about homosexuals.

To those types in the homosexual community, and not all homosexuals buy into it, any mention of heterosexuality is enough to send them in a frenzy.

I would have to think that is what was behind the creation of the facebook page, Stop “Heterosexual Awareness Month” that bills itself as
“dedicated to stopping LGBT HATE GROUPS on facebook like the so-called ‘Heterosexual Awareness Month’ page.”
“They are not spreading awareness... they are spreading animosity.”
While these sort of groups have no problem promoting the made up word “homophobia,” they have made up a derogatory definition of the term “heterophobia” of
“a neologism used as a snarl word to delegitimize the gay rights movement's campaign for equal treatment and an end to anti-gay bigotry.”
Standing up for the natural order of male & female is anathema to them and must be silenced. No tolerance or acceptance given at all. None, just their agenda is all that is to be promoted today in the new politically correct times we live in.

The creators of “Heterosexual Awareness Month” were equally astonished to find their page removed without warning or notice and sent out the notice,
“We did not approach the protection of marriage as many others have done in the past, but with a humorous and more satirical point of view. We had almost 6400 fans, we kept our posts as clean and fun as possible, and we were shut DOWN. How’s that for First Amendment rights? Someone remind me again about equality. Being a heterosexual and pro marriage is now considered ‘in violation of policy,’ apparently.”
They have opened a new “Heterosexual Awareness Month” page and will continue to promote our lifestyle, the natural order if you will as the struggle to stop the bashing and demeaning of heterosexuals continues.

As for facebook, I can’t say how disappointed I am that they would do this while letting obvious hateful sites remain.

It may be popular to follow the idiotic P.C. nonsense, but to actually shut down the promotion of heterosexuality while allowing homosexuality to reign throughout their site doesn’t endear me to them and might make me reassess my involvement with facebook.

At the very least, they should be ashamed of themselves.

UPDATE: It looks like facebook caved to SHAM (Stop Heterosexual Awareness Month) again. As stated in the post, these homosexual activists will not tolerate anybody not in line with their views.

Some examples taken from SHAM’s facebook page


Bruce O'Hara said...

Hi Lew. "Welcome Home". I stumbled upon your blog page in the course of a google search re:heterasexual cartoons for my Conservative morning mail-out. I ended up borrowing your pic of the little boy kissing the little girl. I'll add a link to your site in attribution.
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God loves all prodigals and patriots :-)

Bruce O'Hara

LewWaters said...

Hi Bruce, I can't really accept credit, I borrowed it too. Had it on my hard drive for a very long time now ;-)

Bruce O'Hara said...

The picture worked well for me, thanks. I hope you got a little bump in traffic to your blog site. I like to introduce my readers to as many Conservative sites as possible.
Take care, Lew, keep up the good fight!