Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Illegal Aliens Produce Ad Wanting Free Healthcare

Unbelievable the gall of someone knowingly in the country illegally and expecting free benefits. How bold that they feel comfortable enough to produce a video ad of their expectations.

Our country is nearly $17 Trillion in debt, millions of citizens remain unemployed, U-6 Unemployment sitting at 14.3% and lawbreakers think they are entitled to freebies.

Not surprising, California, probably the single worse off state in the country, rapidly heading into bankruptcy, losing citizens and businesses daily is set to approve free healthcare for illegal aliens.

Tuition assistance for Veterans in California has been cut and unpaid medical bills just for illegal aliens in California has reached $1.25 billion per year, but California liberals, bleeding heart liberals are poised to give illegal aliens even more benefits.

Read more at Stand With Arizona


Canuckguy said...

We have the same sort of problem up here in Canuckland. The fake refugees and other undesirables who should not be allowed in our country are coddled by a gutless system that can't say NO!

LewWaters said...

And down here, they complain about how we stole it from them in the first place.

That they lost the war long ago and accepted payment for the territory doesn't enter their feeble little brains.