Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trayvoning of America

Trayvon SkittlesOne thing we know the left is masters at is creating new words that make the rights effort out to be overbearing, dumb, ridiculous and to demean our traditional values at any cost.

For example, when we stood up as a ‘Tea Party’ movement, they swiftly labeled us as “Teabaggers,” knowing the word was a code word for a homosexual practice that most of us had never heard of. The steady use of it ended up demeaning our efforts and the willing lamestream media readily joined in.

The Tea Party movement today is a mere shadow of what we started out to be.

We now see the left spreading hysteria across the country over the acquittal of neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman for the self defense shooting death of 17-year old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida as protests broke out almost immediately and invoking the name of the youth, even though not one of those out in the streets crying and whining over have a clue who or what he was or may have been.

Intersections and highways are being blocked, false information is being spread in misidentifying people as having served on the jury, in an effort to accost them for reacting to actual evidence over an emotional verdict I believe, death threats are being sent out and the race hucksters are out in full force whipping lo information people into a frenzy.

All because Zimmerman was erroneously identified as a “White” person in the beginning instead of a “Hispanic” and Martin was a “Black” youth.

Race-Baiters, ignoring the thousands of Black youth murdered at the hands of other Blacks and even the massive death count over the years of Whites at the hands of Blacks, have latched onto this single incident in an effort to convince today’s Black Community that they are under constant threat from Whites, are held in bondage to Whites and that “Whitey” is the source of all of their troubles.

The only ones that seem to present any “solution” to the false claims seem to be New Black Panther King Samir Sabazz who publicly calls on others to “kill some ‘cracker’ babies.”

The Race-Baiters only demand Zimmerman be imprisoned, as if that would resolve the plight of today’s inner-city Black youth.

And it is not restricted to Blacks as the “Trayvoner” effort is filled with liberal Whites filled with White guilt over what happened in our country over 160 years ago when most Blacks were held as slaves.

Now ignored in this “Trayvon” movement is all of the strides we have made in improving race relations and so many more doors open to today’s Blacks than ever before, if they are willing to apply themselves, get a good education and put out the effort.

More than ever seen before have done just that and live amongst Whites as equals and at times, ‘betters’ in that their success exceeded that of others, rightfully due to their extra efforts.

But listening to Race-Baiters like Al Sharpton, none of that is true or those that made it are “sell-outs” and “Uncle Toms” who forgot where they came from, meaning in large part, they fail to support Sharpton by donating money to him.

In the end, the “Trayvoning of America” is nothing more than another effort to drive a deeper divide between people in this country. It is the old tried and true “Divide and Conquer” seen throughout history by evil forces that swoop in, takeover and oppress the people, falsely selling them a lie of they will be “free.”

Photo by Allie Morris/PBS NewsHour http://tinyurl.com/n5qlzjw
That they latch onto this single incident while ignoring thousands of others shows the concern is not really over the deaths of Black youth, but that Trayvon Martin has been made into a tool of the leftists to spread more and more discontent.

The acquittal angered people, yes. But can you sow me any high profile trial ending in acquittal that did not anger some? People form opinions based upon erroneous reports, preconceived notions and only seeing some of the evidence presented.

But do they get twisted into a social movement in the streets? No.

Stand up, America. Stop letting them play on “White Guilt” and feed into fears of Whites to Blacks.

Push back and do to the hucksters as they do to us. Label this effort what it really is.

The Trayvoning of America.

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