Wednesday, August 07, 2013

It’s Alive, the Undead CRC

Back from the Dead, like an old horror flick sequel, the monster we hoped was dead rises from the grave to once again taunt and torment taxpayers in Southwest Washington and Northern Oregon.

The Columbia River Crossing light rail project roars back to life as special downtown mafia interests quietly plotted against rejoicing taxpayers to give rebirth to the mega-project destined to bankrupt the middle class taxpayer in Clark County, Washington with ever increasing gasoline taxes, license fees, tolls and whatever other means they can dream up to force the struggling middle class to accept the burden of extending Portland’s ill-fated light rail a short distance cross state lines into our community.

Under cover of everybody paying attention to the outcome of the Aug 6 Primary Election last evening, the Lazy C posted an article about 10 PM saying, “A group of Columbia River Crossing supporters believe they’ve hatched a plan that could revive the controversial Interstate 5 Bridge replacement — with light rail — and without the approval of the Washington Legislature.”

Not only does this special interest group plan on bypassing the Washington Legislature to force the community to buy into the financially troubled light rail, they express no intention of seeking approval from you, the struggling middle class taxpayer they hope isn’t paying attention as they plot against us.

This blog was one that voiced concern over the planned slow closing of the CRC offices, questioning why it would take months to just shut it down.

We now see why as the Willamette Weeks Andrea Damewood began questioning on Monday just why they had removed notice of closing on their web page, they never planned on closing and just began hatching another plan to screw over the middle class taxpayer.

Tim Schauer, president of Vancouver-based consultant MacKay & Sposito and one signer of the letter sent today to the governors of Oregon and Washington said, “Let’s not wave the white flag. The clock’s running down, but it’s not out. They didn’t kill a project. They left an approved project unfunded.”

Approved by whom, Mr. Schauer? You and your cronies haven’t bothered to ask taxpayers again, after we repeatedly defeated every effort to impose extra expenses on us, the struggling middle class taxpayers of Clark County.

Rookie State Sen. Annette Cleveland, turned expert on how to spend your money for you chimed in with, “We’re too close to give up. I believe there's a willingness on everyone’s part to explore any option that might be viable. I think that’s our responsibility.”

Again, asking you is not in her plans nor considered a “responsibility,” only taking what she wishes of your dwindling paychecks.

Patricia McCaig, adviser to Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, currently under investigation for potential ethics law violations connected to her previous work lobbying for the CRC added, “The need didn’t go away for a span to replace the Interstate 5 Bridge linking Portland and Vancouver. We have been and will continue to look at any possibilities that would allow us to take advantage of the $170 million we’ve spent wasted over the last decade, and the technical work we’ve done and the permitting and environmental process we completed.”

The United States Coast Guard has yet to issue any permits approving of the restriction to river commerce required to create this mega-monster light rail crossing.

And again, she makes no mention of consulting the taxpayers who she would stick with paying for a mega-project they have continually indicated they do not want.

Showing absolutely no regard for the plight of middle class citizens, McCaig says, “To not finish it would be a waste of money.”

Wasting $170 Million, that in my opinion should see some lengthy prison sentences after a proper criminal investigation were conducted, isn’t bad enough, people like McCaig, Sen. Cleveland and more would go ahead and strap you with the full price, in the Billions before interest or cost overruns and not giving one tinkers damn if you can afford to feed your family.

Unable to contain his glee thinking about bending taxpayers over to ram it home again in screwing them over, Democrat Jim Moeller, famous for suing constituents to invalidate their votes when he doesn’t approve, left the comment, “Although I must admit, it can be enjoyable listening and watching heads explode about the possibility of a revived CRC the fact is that 2/3’s of the funding is intact. Additionally, Oregon and Washington DOT’s have secured the LAA (Locally Approved Alternative) the EIS, (Environmental Impact Statement) a federal Record of Decision and soon will have a permit for the bridge from the USCC by the end of September as the CRC has not withdrawn it’s application. Additionally, mitigation is almost complete (it lacks only one more signature) and this project is one of 4 on the Presidents ‘We Can’t Wait’ Initiative for mega transportation infrastructure projects.”

“I hope Oregon is successful! To go forward with the project that re-establishes our commitment to invest in our own infrastructure and remove the final, last full stop on an interstate corridor, build a safer bridge and bring light-rail and other real transit options for today in crossing the Columbia into Vancouver. A project of this size and importance will always have it’s critics, and there will be a riot of criticism heaped upon this idea. But as we begin to pull out of the worst recession since the great depression, let’s show the world that we believe in OURSELVES and are willing to invest in OURSELVES and that we CAN do this for OURSELVES and our children yet to come.”

Of note, like the rest, Moeller makes no mention of seeking the approval of the struggling middle class taxpaying voter. In fact, his past actions indicate how much contempt he holds for you, the middle class taxpayer as he strives every legislative session to impose more and more tax burden on you.

That “our children yet to come” will be bearing the burden of paying off this monster well into their gray years is of no concern to the likes of Moeller. He is only interested in causing your families harm, quite possibly as retribution for his homosexuality and feeling abnormal, blaming you.

Moeller has pushed to impose the expense of this monster on you from the start and is one of the loudest voices to prevent you from having a say in it, preferring instead “A scientific and balanced poll… at least gives lawmakers ‘something’, some numbers, anything, to hang their hat on then a ‘advisory vote’.”

In other words, your voice doesn’t men squat to him, just the results of a cooked poll targeting those sections of town known to support the mister project and ignoring the larger sections opposing it. That, to Jim Moeller is “scientific and balanced.”

Ever since we heard of the governors “pulling the plug” on this mess I have cautioned you, along with others, to keep your eyes open, it isn’t dead. Too many indicators showed something was up and it was only a matter of time before the pits of hell opened up and released this bloody monster on your again.

If only it were a sequel to a classic ‘B’ grade horror film.

It is now more imperative than ever to study candidates running for election. Be they incumbent or challenger, city council, mayor or freeholder for a new County Charter, none supporting this ugly monster should win.

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