Sunday, July 15, 2018

Being Old Doesn’t Make You a Danger

There is little doubt left today that we do have a significant number in our society that wants to disarm citizens, one initiative at a time here in Washington State.

Since initially proposing I-594, Universal Background Checks on Gun Purchases, the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility has become one of the more notable anti-gun groups as year after year they return with more initiatives, incrementally moving us towards total disarmament in little baby steps, all while claiming they respect the second amendment.


There is little doubt in this bloggers mind that if they could get away with it they would confiscate every single privately owned firearm in the state right now.

But they can’t and they know the backlash against such an action as total confiscation all at once would be immense.

So they utilize baby steps, much as we were led into legalizing homosexual marriage over the years and how we saw elements in Vancouver succeed in banning the private use of fireworks to celebrate our Independence on Independence Day.

Along those lines we have our own Lazy C (the Columbian) and other larger media and newspapers engaging in demonizing guns and the NRA every chance they come across.

In the Lazy C we find editorials such as New Era in Gun Debate and Support Walkouts where are urged to heed the “sage advice” presented to us by a group of attention seeking, immature teenagers calling upon us to end gun violence by passing what they proclaim is “common sense gun control,” but never bothering to explain just what that is or means.

But, we are urged to follow their lead on gun control, even though it is also being claimed the self appointed spokesman for the group has been spotted with ‘armed security guards’ walking around New York hawking some book the hastily threw together.

Not to be outdone, the much larger newspaper to the north, the Seattle Times treats us to Dementia and guns: In Washington state and elsewhere, weapons remain in homes where we are told, “An analysis found that about 54,000 of the state’s more than 1 million residents 65 and older say they have worsening memory and confusion — and access to weapons.”

Suddenly, we seniors are being promoted as too dangerous for us to retain our firearms in our homes? Age related lapses of memory means we need to be disarmed?

The article cherry picked a handful of heart wrenching stories of seniors accidentally shooting loved ones telling us, “From news reports, court records, hospital data and public death records, KHN found 15 homicides and more than 95 suicides since 2012, although there are likely many more. The shooters often acted during bouts of confusion, paranoia, delusion or aggression — common symptoms of dementia.”

15 homicides over a six year period barely amount to one weekend in Chicago by comparison. And Chicago homicides are predominantly by younger people, not senior citizens.

And yes, it is commonly known that suicide by gun is the predominant method those choosing suicide use. But Psychologists note, “Statistics do not support a connection between gun control and US suicide rates.”

Then too, if people are really worried about suicide, why did they fight for and get assisted suicide passed in our state years ago?

No one I know of advocates severely unstable and mentally ill people to have a gun and I believe many families placing loved ones in facilities to care for or treat those patients ensures no gun goes in with them, not that I imagine any care facility approves of guns in the hands of such patients.

However, many seniors do not suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer’s. No, they’re just older now and not as strong or flexible as they were years ago, likely making criminals sense they are easier targets for home invasion to steal what valuables or cash they have.

Left out of this article trying to lead people to envision seniors with a gun as dangerous is any account of seniors that have had to defend themselves with their firearm against criminals, even though there are numerous articles over the years of just that;

Disabled Senior Citizen Shoots Home Invader in Self Defense

Armed Senior Citizen Defends Himself Against a Home Invader

Senior Citizen Fires Fatal Shot At Home Invader With A Gun That Sat Around For 30 Years

Senior Citizen Successfully Uses Gun To Defend Himself From Home Invaders in Miami

The above articles are but a small sample of the dozens of articles found within a 5-minute web search. Obviously, seniors needed to defend themselves many times in several separate incidents that gun-grabbers would have denied them if they continue chipping away at our second amendment right to self defense.

No one, just because they have grown older should be denied their rights or due process, as the anti-gun crowd desires to do.

Overly restrictive gun laws must be defeated, even when they are labeled “common sense.”

Another short web search reveals a number of unarmed senior citizens killed in home invasion robberies.

Stealing words from actor James Garner in the 1966 movie Duel at Diablo, “Death comes soon enough. Anyone who hurries it is a damn fool.”

I would only add any who forces others to be unarmed and easy prey to stronger criminals is not only a fool, but borders on a sadistic cretin with little regard for others.


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