Sunday, June 21, 2020

First They Came

Amazing how those who applauded and gave approval of Confederate statues and Memorials being torn down are now alarmed seeing all other Statues and Memorials targeted for destruction as well.

Y'all opened the door for this and approved of it, that is, until it was something that you revered.

It fits perfectly with the tone of Martin Niemöller's poem,

First, they revised history and painted the South as evil and I accepted it.

Then they banned the Confederate flag, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Southerner.

Then they tore down the Confederate Statues and Memorials, and I did not speak out— because I was afraid of being labeled a racist.

Then they began tearing down statues of the founding fathers, and I cried out forgive their sins, but was ignored.

Then they burned the constitution and enslaved us under Socialism and now, I am forbidden to speak.


Canuckguy said...

Yup, things are getting out of hand, that would be an understatement. Up here in Canuckland, our first prime minister and one of the founders of our country is in disgrace and has had his statue removed(on the left coast, in Vancouver BC) because he was typical of his day regarding the Indians, they were herded into reservations and later under another now reviled prime minister, the kids sent to residential schools. Yeah ok, not a good thing but times changed since then. Other noteworthy historical figures are being removed as well if they had in mind their idea of advancing civilization at the expense of the Indians. Ok, they had their flaws in light of the 20th/21st century mores but it not like they were Hitler-like and deserving of being erased. I think providing context to their actions and not approving them would be enough. But then again, I guess I am a racist for thinking that.

LewWaters said...

It's difficult to keep up with what is declared racist next. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and today I read some want to tear down statues of Jesus Christ and others label the movie Mary Poppins as racist due to the scene where they have sooty faces after cleaning a chimney.

It's absolute insanity

Canuckguy said...

The extreme left is orchestrating this foolishness. They also want to stifle free speech and they are succeeding. They are of the same ilk as those commies who took over Russia and China. And we all know what a murderous rat pack they were. It's all rather disheartening.