Friday, November 13, 2020

Are We Too Late?


Very crafty of Democrats to raise the alarm on Covid again, especially at this time. The first round of lock-down greatly harmed our economy, but President Trump was making steady progress rebuilding and improving the economy leading into the recent election.

Mysteriously, just as the election happens, we are somehow seeing implementation of the exact same steps that were implemented earlier this year and decimated the economy along with calls to not gather and forgo both Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings, due to claims of “surge” in Covid cases.

No one seems to have any ability to confirm there actually is a surge, just trust Government. If Biden manages to pull off this win, we will hear endlessly that he inherited a failing economy and that will justify whatever impositions Democrats decide must be imposed to “repair” the filing economy; tax increases, raise minimum wage, stricter regulation on housing and landlords, etc, etc.

All Trumps’ fault, of course. 

If Biden ends up losing, it is all still Trump’s fault and will be a campaign issue in 2022 to swarm in even more Democrat party control in the Senate and House, claims of Trump and his Republican loyalists destroyed the economy and only Democrats can run to the rescue now.

The end result, whether now or in the near future is Democrats are imposing a socialist system upon us in plain sight and far too many are not questioning or pushing back as step by step, brick by brick our freedoms are being attacked and dismantled.

Can the United States of America and our freedoms be saved?

Or is too late and its already circling the drain as we speak?

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