Tuesday, December 01, 2020

2020, What a Year

What a year 2020 has been. Political divisions have deepened, people are more at each other’s throats than ever before in my life and we again elected a President half the country deems a fraud, with good reason.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa are rioting across the country and vandalizing businesses, creating mayhem everywhere they can, denying others free travel and endangering people’s lives in city after city.

Covid-19 came in and government has overreacted immensely by locking us down, causing lay-offs, bankruptcy’s, businesses going out of business, unemployment increasing again, long lines outside of some stores of shoppers eagerly waiting to enter only to find many shelves empty as hoarders got there first to fill their baskets, depriving others, especially senior citizens without necessities.

Just when we think it might be getting better, here it comes again with a fresh assault on freedoms from the Democrat governor “ordering” people to forego Thanksgiving gatherings even into Christmas.

Medical offices and dental services are restricted to emergent care only, even though even left leaning so called “fact checkers” openly admit the virus has a high recovery rate.

This being an election year saw an unprecedented amount of censorship on social media for right leaning commenter’s and posters as left leaning writers were given carte blanche on claims and campaigning. Reference my earlier statement on half the country sees the declared winner as a fraud as allegation of election fraud run rampant, quickly denied or deleted by social media controllers.

The campaign itself doesn’t make much sense as the winner barely campaigned and when he did come out of the basement, barely drew enough people to half fill a small parking lot.

But we’re told he received millions more vote than any presidential candidate in history, millions more than even Barack Obama, the one they want us to believe to be the most popular president ever to hold office *cough, cough*

In ways, I am glad that I know I won’t be alive for too many more years to witness the countries continued slide down into socialism.

That fact has been made clearer to me than ever before as 2020, the year I celebrated my 72nd birthday is also the year I found out I am at stage four chronic kidney disease with about 25% of function remaining, likely brought on my diabetes type 2. The Doctor estimates I may require dialysis in the next one to two years.

In the meantime I will be researching and seeking ways to update my diet and activities to better maintain and sustain the disease where it is at to postpone requiring dialysis as long as possible.

I’d dare comment what else can go wrong this year, but also realize it is foolhardy to challenge “worse” as no matter what, things can and often do get worse.

So I hope y’all forgive me for not getting too wrapped up and excited in this fiasco of an election, or of the mayhem going on.

I do have “friends” ready should any and rioters ever try to cause harm to me or my household. But otherwise will not waste a minute of what time there is left seeking to counter or confront any of them.

That is now passed on to you younger generations to step up and reclaim the country or submit to slavery of socialist Democrats as they piece by piece dismantle the Bill of Rights, close Churches, Synagogues and Mosques crying “COVID” while letting liquor stores, pot shops, strip clubs and abortion mills thrive.

We of the older generations have tried to warn you all for decades this was coming. But far too often it fell on deaf ears.

So it is now up to you to take a stand or not. Your choice.

Choose wisely because 2021 doesn’t look to be much better than this one. By all appearances, 2021 early on has said, "here, hold my beer."