Monday, May 16, 2022

Why I Still Can't Support Joe Kent

While I have yet to decide who will receive my vote for the 3rd Congressional District race, I cannot give it to Joe Kent, regardless of his Trump endorsement. Kent pulled it off and got the nomination, much as JHB did 12 years go. But that doesn't change what his words were that he spoke.

Given how I saw many of his supporters proclaiming if he didn't get the nomination they would vote for the Democrat, out of spite, I shall follow their lead, but instead of voting Democrat, I will merely abstain. I just cannot cast my vote to fulfill someone else's revenge. God help us in the days ahead.

In this same Feb. 11, 2022 Lars Larson interview, Kent, as heard in the above video, denies outright that he believes in any socialist ideas of Bernie Sanders, then goes on the list areas he seeks or desires “common ground” with both Sanders and the left.

He states a belief that he could bring over some on the left to “our side.” If they share common views with the right, wouldn’t they be on the right already in this highly partisan era we are in?

And would he not have to “compromise” with the left in order to gain their support? Something the current occupant of the office is condemned, by him for doing?

He also states, asked if he supports a tax on the rich more, “I believe in going after out top oligarchs, so the top 25 Mega Billionaires that aren’t paying their fair share of taxes. But they’re not actually doing anything that benefits the country, it’s not like these people are building industry that employ thousands of people…,” mentioning Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerburg and how they use their wealth in ways he dislikes politically.

Last I heard, we live in a free nation and both sides are free to fund their views.

However, while not using the exact wording, “Wealth Tax,” using search engines designed and maintained by some of those “Mega Billionaire Oligarchs,” we find that Bernie Sanders supports such a Tax on Extreme Wealth and a 3% wealth tax on billionaires also supported by extreme leftist, Elizabeth Warren.

He has also called for “seizure of lands” owned by wealthy like Bill Gates.

Hasn’t such actions been seen before, in Venezuela by Hugo Chavez and in Cuba by Fidel Castro, to the detriment of their citizens?

Bernie Sanders also proposes a similar policy he labels, Revitalizing Rural America.

Last I heard, our constitution does not support such seizure of private property for the government to redistribute. Such policies have proven time and again to have dismal outcomes where tried in other countries.

Contrary to claims, such policies end up consolidating power into the hands of a select few, determining who gets what an when.

Kent states his views are “a departure from typical Republican, conservative and Libertarian ideology that says government cannot go after the private sector.”

So why then run as a Republican if he leans towards leftist views of taking over certain aspects of the private sector and calling upon the wealthy to “pay their fair share,” like so many Liberal / Progressives have repeated throughout the years?

Also disturbing to me was seeing the call for capitulation by Ukraine after they were attacked by Russia.

Newsweek: Joe Kent Calls Putin's Demands in Ukraine 'Very Reasonable'

History shows such acts of appeasement do not stop “further escalation,” recoded by the actions of Britain’s Neville Chamberlain trying to appease Adolf Hitler just prior to the outbreak of World War II.

As earlier stated, I have yet to determine who may get my vote. But as a constituent in Washington State’s 3rd Congressional District, I see ample reason to not cast my vote for Joe Kent.

I urge all to pay less attention to endorsements and pay close heed to what Kent and each candidate actually is saying.

Do your diligence and research each one, don’t just blindly jump on any band wagon or do as either party calls for.


Canuckguy said...

Our leftist socialist liberal loonies up here in Canada have proposed a 'Luxury Tax' which is briefly described below'. This sort of commie nonsense will backfire on the government. It is suppose to take effect Sept 2022.

The proposed Luxury Tax will apply to certain vehicles, aircraft, and boats (“Subject Items”) exceeding established price thresholds ($100,000 for vehicles and aircraft, $250,000 for boats) before GST/HST. The Luxury Tax rules will apply whether the Subject Item is delivered in Canada by way of sale or similar arrangement, certain lease arrangements[1], or by importation into Canada. The Luxury Tax will be determined as the lesser of:

10% of the total price; and
20% of the total price exceeding the price threshold.
All other improvements (excluding accessibility modifications), additions, taxes, duties, charges, fees, and amounts paid in respect of the delivery or importation will be included in the total price. The resulting Luxury Tax is then added to the cost of the Subject Item for the purposes of calculating the GST/HST. This results in GST/HST being calculated on the Luxury Tax.

LewWaters said...

We had a "Luxury Tax" back in the very early 1990's. All it did was decimate middle class jobs and lose revenue for the government.

Democrats, who championed it begged to overturn it.

Hardest hit were manufacturers of yachts, private aircraft, sports cars and such. Thousands were laid off when the wealthy just stopped buying.

Ignorance, Stupidity or Connivance?


Liberals never seem to learn. but this guy Kent is supposed to be a Conservative. Doesn't sound like one to me.

Canuckguy said...

Regarding the Russia/Ukraine conflict. Back in April, I had predicted to my coffee mates at Tim Horton's that Ukraine was in a hopeless situation and will soon collapse with Russia taking over completely while the West does squat. Well, I am so happy to be so wrong. My friends threaten to serve me up a serving of roadkill crow. Luckily for me, crows being smart et al, they haven't been able to find such a delicacy. Luckily it wasn't a dead skunk in the middle of the road that they promised me. Plenty of those around.

LewWaters said...

Wars are near impossible to accurately predict. Winston Churchill famously said of war, "War is mainly a catalogue of blunders."

The one making the least blunders is apt to win. That is, if the public will allow it.

Putin's rattling of nukes has me concerned as such an act would no doubt escalate it well beyond that region with China and Iran siding against the west.

I keep praying the Russian people will do something about Putin, but we will see in the days ahead.

LewWaters said...

An article I found that you too may find interesting;

Will Russia Use Nuclear Weapons In Ukraine? Seven Things You Need to Know

Canuckguy said...

With good reason, nukes have never been used in war.(thus far). Putin would be insanely desperate if he tries such a stunt. If so, I certainly hope that some commonsense Russians would put a stop to such a move.

Canuckguy said...

I meant to add the obvious statement ' in war since 1949'

LewWaters said...

I agree, very dangerous saber rattling. I too hope the Russians do something about him, and soon.

Canuckguy said...

FCOL, I made a typo, I meant 1945. I don't want you thinking I don't know history.

LewWaters said...

I assumed it was a typo, I have a lot of experience with those ;-)

Canuckguy said...

Just checking in on you.
Are you still kicking around or did you kick the bucket?

LewWaters said...

Still kicking, but dealing with health issues.

Hope you are doing well up there

Canuckguy said...

Sorry to hear that. We are probably close in age and I feel a lot different at 74 than what I felt at 64. At 64, I had no complaints regarding how I felt physically as I was a regular gym goer and a regular jogger. I had no serious complaints but I am in currently my 32 year on blood pressure pills and things are going downhill, can't jog and though I do walk, it's not a pleasure. Plus I have a bit of a back problem with numbness in my feet. Well enough of my bitching, so far I have outlived my father by 7 years. I hope your issues are not too serious, I wish you the best. Take care.

LewWaters said...

I know very well on those blood pressure pills, been on them for several years as well. Additionally, thanks to my Vietnam time, I also suffer from diabetes that has affected my kidneys, so I'll soon be on dialysis. I thought I was taking good care of myself over the years, never been sick or hospitalized until the last few years.

I keep in mind my father died when he was 54 and both of my grandfathers died one at 69 the other at 70. So at 74 now I outlived them all.

You take good care of yourself as well.

Canuckguy said...

Well then, we were both born 1949. I am a March hare.

LewWaters said...

Close, I'm actually September 1948, born just a little south of Miami, Florida

Canuckguy said...

Close enough, you're about 6 or 7 months older. BTW, you're a fellow baby boomer and both my parents were overseas WWII vets but I am talking to a war vet as well while I wasn't even in the boy scouts. Being a Canuck, we didn't get involved into everything like the Mercans.

LewWaters said...

Yes, fellow baby boomers we are, for sure.

My Dad served towards the nd of the war, but never saw overseas or much of anything. In spite of war stores he told, I now know he never finished a year due to a bad injury to his shoulder. Two of my uncles did see time in Europe, though.

I was a Boy Scout and glad I did back then, don't know about today if I would join. We learned a lot of good things, gun safety, camping, looking out for ourselves and others, basically how to be good citizens, but not political.

But for some reason, life felt so much simler way back then, ;-)